Ho'ohiki Pilina Program

Building Skills and Knowledge for Healthy Relationships

Equip teenagers (12-19 years old) to establish and create healthy relationships during their formative teen years, with a focus on navigating romantic relationships.

We all carry baggages from the past!
“I’m glad I took this class, it helped me learn so much about how relationships should be, I found out that everyone carries baggage from the past. Some are good, some are bad.

I learned about my baggage, where it came from, and how to get rid of it."
Never Lower My Expectations anymore!
“I’ve taken Family Studies before when I was in the 9th grade. I thought the class was pretty boring back then and didn’t really learn anything from it because I probably thought the way I was acting in my past relationships was ok. I feel that I am more mature now and I can actually use a lot of this new information and different ways to complain, listen, and view my expectations. I’ve learned to never lower my expectations for anyone, because most of the time we all deserve more than that. You’ve also taught me to value myself more and to not just give myself to the first person who gives me attention."
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How do we do that?

Helping you to envision your best future

Interactive in person classes using the The Love Notes evidence based curriculum.

We combine conversation, with hands on activities, group discussion and provide a workbook for teens to use and keep after the class is done.

Our Mission

Ho’ohiki Pilina Program is presented by Keiki O Ka `Āina

The Mission of Keiki O Ka `Āina Family Learning Centers is to Educate Children, Strengthen Families, Enrich Communities and Perpetuate Culture.

We fulfill our mission by communicating the vital importance of education, advocating for literacy, supporting parents as their keiki’s first and best teacher, and empowering families to undertake leadership roles in their communities. All of this is done within the context of Hawaiian language, traditions and values.

Next Event: Healthy Relationships

May 25th 2024 | 8:00am to 4:30pm

at Keiki O Ka Aina Family Learning Center

3097 Kalihi Street, Honolulu HI, 96819

Parent/Guardian Orientation via Zoom

May 20th 2024 |  6pm – 6:45pm

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Helping you to envision your best future


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Empowering teens and young adults with knowledge and research-based skills to successfully navigate their intimate relationships.

All teenagers  between 12 to 19 years old. 

We have separate classes for ages 12-13 and 14-19.

  1. Lessons/activities that focus on communication, decision-making, setting and respecting boundaries, planning and pacing relationships.
  2. Discussions that allow each teen to give input, answer questions, and be a part of the group. However, we will not put them on the spot or ask personal questions.
  1. IF attending a 1 or 2-day event: healthy snacks, water, and lunch will be provided.
  2. If teen has any food allergies please indicate on the registration form.
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